New sinking minnow with solid core structure that used solid core and special resin inside. The body is an injection-molded body and the solid core is made of a special resin that does not absorb water. Even if the body is cracked, the water will not leak inside the body and the action will never be affected. “Through-wire Structure” reinforce the overall body structure. No need to get worry hook on big fish. You can target big fish with thanks to its toughness and extraordinarily. ZESTY have 3 line up different swimming depth: Shallow (1meter+), Middle (1.5meter+) and Deep (2.5meter+) diving. “Action” The ZESTY is sinking minnow and it is capable of jerking, twitching, and slow and fast retrieving action with stable balance. It will also maintain straight and stable position during power cast and it is easy for long cast distances.


21g , 25g , 27g
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