Pro Staff


Nicknamed “Rear-Crazy Angler”, he is well known in magazines and the media. He is also in charge of product development and advising for all of DRANCKRAZY. He is a passionate man who loves black bass. He has developed a unique theory that combines his years of experience and wild instincts to help him catch black bass in the field. The way he goes crazy fishing for any type of fish is just like the “real crazy angler”.

Leong Wei Loong

After graduating in Japan in 1994, I started to be active in lure fishing. I have travelled and explored the vast major lakes and rivers of Peninsular Malaysia for freshwater fishing. After years of wonderful experiences fishing in Malaysia, I soon found myself eager to explore the world to enrich further my world of lure fishing experience. Over the last 16 years, my overseas fishing escapades has brought me to more than 40 countries in search of freshwater monster fish in pristine waters. I am now an experienced avid freshwater lure fisherman whose quest for hooking up more different freshwater monster fish specie all over the world continues to grow stronger by the day…

Andy Grosbois

Hey Crazy Anglers! I am Andy, born and raised in France. I started fishing when I was 6 and since that time, I have relentlessly pursued my passion: Pike, Zander, Perch, Catfish, Bass were my principle targets. In 2012, I moved to Thailand and started my career as an English Teacher in 2013 there. I didn’t fish much for the first three years as I was not aware of the fish species and technics in Thailand. After having watched multiple videos on YouTube, I decided to focus on two species: TOMAN (Giant Snakehead) and HARUAN (Stripped Snakehead). I fall in love with these mighty fishes and the attacks on top water got me hooked instantly. Since 2018, I spend more than 20 hours \ week on the water. My favorite technic to catch those monsters is on top water (Buzzbait, Frogs, stickbait….etc). I collaborated with multiple brands in Thailand and finally integrated the DRACKCRAZY team in May 2020. If you come to Thailand, give me a shout!


I am Malaysian professional angler. Crazy for hunting Big Toman and Peacock bass. No fishing No life!

Ariff Abdul Somad Bin Hamzah

Hey Crazy Anglers!
I am Somad, born and raised in Malaysia. I started fishing when I was 7 and rest on 2007 for a while since I had to focused more on my studies. During my further study at University in Melaka on 2013, I was slowly pursued my passion, haunt for Temensis Peacockbass and luckily landed my personal best there. Finished my study on 2018 since that time, I spend more than 20 hours / week on the water relentlessly to catch: Haruan, Toman, Sebarau, Belida, Pacu, Catfish, and of course Bass were my principle targets. I also haunt for saltwater predator fish from Barramundi to Giant Trevally. I fall in love with these mighty fishes and the attacks, got me hooked instantly. I use many type of lure with different technique (no specific technique) as my priorities are to land the fishes. I collaborated with multiple brands in Malaysia and finally integrated the DRANCKRAZY team in June 2020. Let’s go Crazy !


Lake Biwa is his home ground. He has been competing in the Lake Biwa Open tournament, where many of the best fishermen are competing against each other. He can fish only weekend basically but got as below result in the past. 2011 Individual All-Around: Second place; 2012 Individual All-Around: 3rd place. Will continue to gaze at Lake Biwa, aiming for even greater result.


I started lure fishing in elementary school. I only go there occasionally on my days off. For a while, I’m all about baseball, and I don’t have time for it. When I started work, I was exited to fish again after long interval and bought aluminum boat ti fish at Lake Biwa and some reservoirs. After that, I joined Dranckrazy and had a chance to visit Amazon and came to know that to catch new species are really interesting. From there, I’m mainly fishing on overseas and some rare fish expedition in Japan. Also, Love Baseball & Music!

Hide G

Has a huge body of over 180cm and strength from snowboarding. A crazy angler who has made numerous expeditions from all over the country to overseas. He is an apprentice of Riakure, and continues to explore the future of DRANCKRAZY as a chief strategist.


Home fields is some local lakes and Lake Biwa. He is good at fishing
with DK Lures and mature woman hunting thanks to his handsome

Haruki Miyauchi

Always saying, “I cannot stop!!”. Fascinated by DRANCKRAZY! I’ll be working from land base style fishing. Good at building strategies using DERANGE.