A special floating ultra-flexible elastomer material allows anglers to attack cover in new ways! The weight is castable even with baits, and it floats even with an offset hook attached, so you can lure it to the surface like a real frog deep in cover. It can be cast even with a bait and floats even with an offset hook attached, so it can be used like a real frog in deep cover. The super soft material gives it a spontaneous, glossy action, and the elastomer’s unique toughness makes it the toughest lure ever made. The tough elastomer material is a combination of two things that have never been achieved before. In addition, the floating material can be used not only on the surface but also on Carolina rigs and free rigs. It is also possible to lure fish by floating it from the bottom using the floating material.
This is the Whipper, a new generation of frog.

Body Length

1 Package (2pcs)

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