The toughness rod can handle big baits type lure even in the 20oz class is also easily . In recent years, the style of big bait game scenes: long casts and wide search styles are coming to an end, and it is shifting to a style that attracts fishes with a delicate action from a silent approach and falls into the bite by reaction. This is the heavy and tough rod that Mr.Kentaro Ogawa (Ogaken) and Mr. Junya Ueda (Riakure) of TULALA completed after 2 years of work. The blanks are brushed up based on the ELHORIZONTE rod blanks, which are the most persistent from the TULALA rod series. The 6.3inch is designed to be able to handle lures up to 4oz all day long, while providing a finesse approach. On the contrary of its toughness, it has the delicacy to handle not only big baits but also 10g class lures, and can be used for a wide range of lures from top water lures to cranks and Vibrations. A detachable grip is adopted, and it can be carried compactly.

Length 6,3″
Power H
Lure weight 3/8-4oz
Line weight 25-30lb


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