The distinctive flat head is made of a special resin and lead. This DRANCKRAZY’s unique design allows the head to be more appealing while reducing weight and improving the start of reeling. The combination of the curved wire arm and the head design makes it possible to dart the surface of the water with a jerk rod tip action when the rod is in upright position during a high-speed retrieve. It can produce an action similar to a baitfish when escaping on the surface and triggering a reaction bite from predatory fishes. On a slow retrieve, the sound and wave from W props create micro-vibration motions that attract fishes. In addition, the special arm shape inherited from the INAZUMA suppresses the entanglement of the weed in the prop, which make retrieving this Buzzbait very effective on heavy cover. High strength wire is used for powerful predators such as giant snakehead.

41/64 Oz


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