We have developed a Crank bait with “solid double body structure” that uses a solid core with a special resin inside. The core is covered by an injection molded body. The solid core is made of a special resin that does not absorb water, so even if the body has cracks, the water will not leak inside the body. In case of monster fish, with sharp tooth, the action on the lure will never be affected. Furthermore, the “through-wire structure” reinforce the overall body structure. No worries to have when hooked to big fish.
Casting distance is also optimized due to the compact body frame. You will fish more and cover more water which will help you catching more fish.
We have divided the DEROS lineup into 3 different swimming depth: Shallow(1m), Middle(2.5m) and Deep(3.5m) diving.

3 5/32″
21g, 23g, 25g
47/64 Oz, 13/16 Oz, 7/8 Oz


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